Steelhead Ventures is driven by a mission to help entrepreneurs make a difference in the marketplace and the world around them--including their teams, customers and local community.

The team leverages expertise in revenue generation and a deep network within the San Francisco Bay Area business community to help build fast-growth start-ups from early stage through exit.

Over the past year, Steelhead was featured in two insightful articles written by Forbes's Murray Newlands and's Shannon Wu.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Venture Capitalist George Arabian

As the co-founder and co-owner of Steelhead Ventures, a San Francisco-based micro-venture capital fund with seed-stage investments, George Arabian [...]

How to Think about Intentionality and Revenue

This year has been off to a big start with some major changes happening in the market. And so it happens, startups are sitting in the splash zone. I had the opportunity to discuss with George Arabian [...]

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