Steelhead Ventures has a diversified, fast-growing portfolio:

Chariot is the world's first crowdfunded network of commuter routes.

Provides wireless home monitoring easily & effectively, regardless of location.

Measures company culture, providing predictive analytics on potential talent.

Automatic lobby server configuration for gamers attracting players.

Brings a solution to streaming decision software.

Helps households outsource personal finance tasks.

Open source PaaS that runs on AWS accounts.

Redefining construction with machine vision.

A food guide powered by the recommendations of the world's top chefs.

ShoppinPal helps retail stores sell products to nearby shoppers and followers.

ThingLink lets users add interactive links to any photo that drive engagement.

Retail Zipline organizes information in a retail communication system.

Solves computational issues with your existing hardware.

Lock, weigh and track your Bluesmart carry-on with your phone.

Online wedding planning, organization, and shopping.

Provides businesses with instant access to physicians for your immediate medical needs.

Allows users to create web-friendly events that are easy to add to any calendar.

Offers high quality equipment rental for construction workers.

A platform for institutional investors to network.

Mobile platform providing ways for influencers to connect with their fans.

Creates a culture around making juice from fresh produce.

End-to-end influencer marketing platform designed for Fortune 1000 brands and their agencies.

Kugar aims to disrupt the manufacturing industry with automated robotics.

Recommends movies, music, places, and connects people with similar tastes.

A cloud solution for deploying predictive analytics at your company.

Makes games that carry a powerful message for all ages.

This nonprofit promotes charitable giving via accessories and home decor.

A professional online network exclusively for the skilled trades.

Works with the world's leading organizations to solve their toughest innovation challenges.